Your project visualized, my focus.

Trained as an interior-architect, I've been working since 2002 as an independent interior designer. Always passionated about photography, I started photographing my own projects. After a while I included documenting projects of other architects and designers. I'm a trained professional photographer, specializing in architecture, interior and corporate photography. When shooting a project I aim to reflect its story into my photographs.

Providing peace of mind is central throughout every collaboration, from handling all practical arrangements to offering an exclusive, high-quality printing service. Photos in my own studio or drone photography? That's possible too. Because photographing your project perfectly, that is my focus.

Does my vision appeal to you? Do you want to visualize one or more projects?

Feel free to give me a call +32478573464 or to write me at

I'm available for editorial or corporate assignments and collaborations both domestically and international.